Easy Henna Gloss Recipe

This henna gloss recipe was inspired by Curly Proverbs on YouTube. I have henna powder for many years to naturally color my gray hair.

In the process of coloring my hair, I also noticed that henna strengthens my hair. Every time I use it, I see less breakage and my hair feels wonderful after rinsing the henna out with a moisturizing conditioner.

So let’s get right into this super easy recipe.


1 Cup – Moisture rich conditioner of your choice.

3 Teaspoons – Natural Henna Powder

2 Tablespoons – Organic Honey


Add conditioner, henna, and honey to a plastic or glass bowl. Use a plastic spoon to mix until all three ingredients are well blended.

Apply to freshly washed hair. Leave in for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse.


Note that pure henna does color hair that is lighter in color. If you use more henna than conditioner and leave it on your hair for several hours, lighter color hair will turn a reddish color.

I have found that using more conditioner and less henna powder results in very little dying of the hair.

If you’re intent is to dye your hair, you will want to follow another process.

My hair responds to henna like doing a protein treatment. This is why it is best to use a moisturizing conditioner to avoid too much protein.

My results have been strong, soft, and well-conditioned hair!

Where can you purchase henna?

You can purchase pure henna from many sites online. I usually order from Amazon.

Make sure that you read the ingredients before buying henna. The ingredients on the package should only read, “henna”.

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