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Abundantly You Bath and Body

Shop my bath and body care products featuring natural soaps, shampoo bars, delectable body butter, and our infamous all-natural deodorant cream.

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Evans Digital Photography

Photography is my way to relax and enjoy capturing the beauty of everyday living. View my gallery of outdoor, black and white, & still life photography. Click to view our photo packages and shop our digital images on Etsy.

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Candra Evans


My name is Candra Evans. I am a bath and body care artisan, small business owner, writer, and hobbyist photographer.

I love God, my amazing husband (the one God kept for me ♥), my family, entrepreneurship, running, and blogging.

Yes, I love a lot of things. So I am excited to create a space to share all of the things I value most with you.

So whether you too are on a natural hair journey, looking for stock images for your blog, or in search of the most amazing soaps on the planet, welcome to my little part of the web universe.

Click through my site to enjoy natural beauty tips, inspiring photos, and faith-based inspiration to keep your spirit lifted!

About Abundantly You Bath & Body

So let's just clear the air. I have a strong aversion to fruit. I keep telling my husband that I must be allergic... but he's not buying it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to feed our body whole foods and have the same pleasure as eating chocolate chip cookie dough and cheesy pizza?

I may not be able to successfully merge indulgent fatty sweet flavors with an apple (and get the same healthy results), but I found a way to combine wholeness and pleasure in my body care products.

I learned the ancient secrets of earthy clays, essential oils, butters, and herbs.

Abundantly You Bath and Body merges these natural ingredients to create products that offers "pleasure with benefits" to your daily bath experience.

Natural aromas of chocolate, lemon, and lavender will satisfy your scented palate, all while providing optimum health for your skin.

Our Abundantly You shop offers an array of handmade soaps, indulgent lotion bars, Ayurveda shampoos, creamy lotions, herbal oils, and more.

We believe that natural-care for your hair and skin is important. And if there is a way for natural body care to also make you feel good, beautiful, and abundantly you, then we will find a way to make that happen.

Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic coloring. Best of all, Abundantly You Bath & Body is 100% cruelty-free and environmentally friendly; looking after our earth is important to me.

So whether you have aching limbs or dry skin, you will find the perfect supplement for your needs at Abundantly You Bath & Body.

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Blueberry Soap Bar
Natural Deodorant Cream
Abundantly You Body Butter
Abundantly You Lotion Bar

Evans Digital Photography

I knew I had a heart for photography when I enjoyed shooting soaps as much as I liked making them.

I can't thank my husband enough for encouraging this journey. He knew that a quality camera would be a good investment for our businesses and family. He is such a wise hubby.

In 2018 I started this amazing journey in photography. I have taken courses and photographed everything from flowers to the family. There is so much to learn, but we all have to start somewhere right?

Professional photoshoots are recommended for once in a lifetime events like a wedding or sweet sixteen birthday party.

However, if you want photos on a shoestring budget, a hobbyist photographer can be a great choice.

Click here for our current rates or email me at

Evans Digital Couples Photography
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